ABRSM Music Theory | Grade 5 Crash Course

Accelerated Grade 5 Course including topics from the earlier grades

Course Summary

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IMPORTANT: This Crash Course is for candidates going straight in at Grade 5 ABRSM.

The course covers all material from the earlier grades, but quickly!

If you have already studied grades 1-4 theory please see the Grade 5 Course here.

Recommended age for this course; 11 - adult

  • Notation (including symbols, foreign terms, ornaments etc.)
  • All time signatures (including rewriting in a new time signature, adding bar lines, grouping etc.)
  • Key signatures up to six flats/sharps (major and minor)
  • Scales (Major, minor harmonic, minor melodic and chromatic) in all four clefs
  • Clefs (Treble, bass, octave treble, alto and tenor)
  • Chords and inversions
  • Cadences and progressions
  • Working out the key
  • Transposition and transposing a key signature
  • Standard orchestral instruments general knowledge

About ABRSM Grade 5

Grade 5 music theory is the most-taken of the ABRSM 8 theory grades, because it is a pre-requisite for taking grades 6-8 practical exams.

The topics learned at grade 5 are basic "music literacy" - how to understand the dots on the page, but also how music works. The candidate is expected to know all keys (up to 6 sharps/flats) and be able to cope with scales, chords and intervals in all those keys.

About this Course

This course is suitable for candidates who need to get up to grade 5  ABRSM standard quickly.

Click on the preview buttons in the list of videos below, to see how the course works!

The ABRSM recently (2018 and 2020) updated the theory syllabus, and this course reflects those changes in full, reflecting the new online multiple choice exams.

Support is just an email away if you get stuck!

Included in the Course

    • Over four hours of HD video lessons which explain each music theory topic in depth, and demonstrate how to approach the exam style questions. 
    • Extra exercises (answers included)
    • PDF of the complete course including practice test (answers included)
    • PDF Revision Tips
    • PDF of the complete foreign musical terms and scales necessary for this grade

Course Curriculum

Victoria Williams

I'm Victoria Williams BA (Hons) Mus, LmusTCL, AmusTCL (Distinction), MISM. I graduated in music, (specialising in musicology), from the University of Leeds. I hold two diplomas in music theory from Trinity College London, and Grade 8 Composition (Distinction) from LCM. 

I have enjoyed over fifteen years' of experience teaching music theory, with an emphasis on exam preparation, to students around the globe. 

All the materials have been tried and tested on real human students, and have proven themselves to be effective - my students generally gain top marks in their exam (and so can you!)

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